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I am writing this letter on behalf of Chad Carson.  I have had the privilege and honor of getting to know Chad for the past 10 years.  Throughout those years, I have been able to call Chad a true friend in every sense of the word!

During my days playing football with Chad at Clemson University, he was known as one of the toughest players on and off the field.  His work ethic of becoming one of the best linebackers in school history was only matched by his incredible desire for perfection in the classroom.  I learned so much personally from just watching Chad and how he conducted himself.

I have had the fortune of watching Chad grow his real estate company into one that is truly making a great impact in the upstate of South Carolina and beyond.  It has been incredible to watch how he has become one of the most respected members of his community. The reason that Chad will always be successful is because he is honest and trustworthy. I don’t know many people like Chad who take as much pride in doing what is right in every endeavor of their lives.  I view Chad’s business strategy as one that I try to emulate each and every day.

On a personal level, I have been blessed to call Chad a friend.  I know that there is nothing in the world that Chad Carson wouldn’t do for me and for that I am eternally grateful!  His sincerity and generosity is prevalent in the way that he conducts himself and he is always a true gentleman.  I have always appreciated the fact that Chad and I can go multiple days and sometimes weeks without speaking or seeing each other and yet our bond of friendship has never wavered!

I hope that this letter serves as somewhat of a reflection of how much I value Chad Carson the person as well as Chad Carson the businessman.  He is great person with a big heart and I hope to be cultivating my relationship with him for years to come!


Sincerely Written,

William W. Merritt

Owner- Apex Development Group LLC